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LOVOL's power ranges from 28kW - 121kW, continuous power @ 1 500rpm with the 121kW boasting a turbo as well as inter-cooler.

All models ship with a 12V DC electrical system with SAE 3 x 11½" as standard for the Bell Housing and Flywheel.



  • All engines carry a 1 000hr / 12 month warranty from date of invoice.


Original LOVOL Spares


Energy Warehouse Africa carries a wide range of Original LOVOL Spares.

This includes spares we keep in stock which include the following:

  • Fan Belts - all models
  • Air Filters - all models
  • Oil Filters - all models
  • Diesel Filters - all models
  • Gaskit Kits - all models
  • Radiator Fans - all models
  • Alternator 12V - all models
  • Water Pump - all models
  • Turbo Charger - all models
  • Pushrods - all models
  • Conrod Assembly - all models

All other spare parts can be in stock within ±96 hours after order.


Please contact us for any information required.



Lovol FactoryTianjin Lovol Engines Co., Ltd. (for short TLEL), a modern engine manufacturer which derived from the Sino-UK joint venture named Perkins Engine (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., was established on the basis of original technology and introducing new strategic partner so as to expand capital scale, increase production capacity and upgrade products technology.


Currently, Lovol Engines owns Lovol Phaser series and Lovol 1000 series and the platform of 3L, 4L and 6L, with power output ranging from 28kW to 170kW and speed from 1500rpm to 2800rpm. These Lovol engines can be widely applied to vehicles, construction, agricultural, gensets, and marine etc. The emission standard of the engines for road application has reached EuroⅢ/Ⅳ, and also has the technical reserve of EuroV. Engines for non-road application have reached the EPA Tier3 Emission Standard.


Adhering to the business strategy of "Technology creates the value, quality wins the market", we provide the different solutions for different customers. Over 20 regional market departments from the company headquarter to all over the world and over 2000 service stations and parts dealers ensure the high quality service of TLEL is everywhere. Lovol Engines is fine work of the European technology and will certainly become the key power to promote and change the world.



Engine Details


LOVOL 1006TG2A Turbo Charged Diesel EngineNumber of Cylinders: 6

Cylinder arrangement: Inline

Induction System: Turbo Charged

Bore x Stroke: 100 x 127

Engine Displacement: 5.99litre

Compression Ratio: 17.5 : 1

Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4

Oil capacity: 16.1litres

Prime Power (kW @ 1500rpm): 92.3

Standby Power (kW @ 1500rpm): 102

Electrical System: 12

Governing Rate: <5

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1484 x 740 x 1107

Dry Weight (kg): 710

Fuel Consumption:

  • Rotary Pump @ 100% power: ±25.8L/hour (238g/kW h)

Important Information:

High Density of Power: Higher power output than competitive models at close displacement, the power of 3-cylinder can reach 4-cylinder level of competitors.
Low Fuel Consumption: Adopted European patent Quadram combustion chamber which can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise, meanwhile raise engine power.
Good Appearance: Similar to original products of UK Perkins.
High Performance Cost Ratio: Having the similar performance of original products of UK Perkins, but the price is very competitive.
Good Cold Start Performance: Started normally at -10°C without pre-heater, starts smoothly at -25°C through flame preheating cold start device, meanwhile -40°C start solution is available.
Stability & Reliability: Stable and reliable engine performance, good market feedback.



Tel: +27 (0)82 822 9700

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